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5W,10W led Glass Lens with Reflector Collimator

Product Feature:
Lens Angle: 50-60 degree
Material: optical glass Light transmittance: 98%

Bracket Specifications
Holder Diameter: 53mm (excluding screw part)
Bracket thickness: 7.3mm
Reflector Specifications
Reflector Diameter: 50mm
Reflective cup caliber: 41mm
Reflector under the port diameter: 22mm
Reflector height 14.5mm
Material: Plastic Plating
Lens Specifications
Material: Glass
Temperature: -30 to +200 degrees
Product Description: Non-spherical design, the lens diameter 50mm, height 18.5mm, edge thickness 2.5mm, focal length 30mm
Reflector Collimator  Compatible for 5-10WLED spot light, automobile lights, DIY projecting lamp etc.
Package includes:
1 x led lens
1 x led Reflector
1 x Bracket
(Not include LED)

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  • Model: LENS-10W
  • Shipping Weight: 120g
  • Manufactured by: LED