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LED Dimmer 12V 8A Adjustable Brightness Controller

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Work Temp.:-20—60℃      
Supply Voltage:DC12V 
Max load current:8A       
1.  0-100% brightness adjustment knob stepless dimming.
2.  256 gray scale, mild stable lighting, no flicker.
3.  PWM digital dimming, eliminate current surges, so that LED to achieve a better life.
4.  Constant current constant voltage, exceeding the load range can be connected to the signal amplifier, an unlimited expansion of power.
5.  The main control monochromatic light dimming.
This product is the accessory product for the LED lighting controlling, used to control a variety of LED lighting as the light source brightness, such as: LED soft light strip, LED rigid light strip, LED modules and so on. With manual adjustment knob to adjust the lighting brightness, wiring convenient, simple and intuitive.
Wiring Method:
Showning below connection port,the "IN" connect  DC12V Power, "OUT" connect light strip,where "V +" take positive "V-" take negative. Rotary light dimmer knob you can adjust the brightness,rotate counter-clockwise until the lights dimmed out, clockwise rotation of lights brighten.

1. Supply voltage of this product is DC12V never connect to AC220V.
2. Never connect two wires directly in case of short circuit.
3. Lead wire should be connected correctly according to colors that connecting diagram offers.
4. Warranty of this product is one year, in this period we guarantee replacement or repairing with no charge, but exclude the artificial situation of damaged or overload working.

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