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LED 400W Grow Light 133 × 3W LED Aquarium Light




The light source type:LED

Whether with a light source:With

Power:300W or more


Products details 

1.This plant lights are made from metal casing shell optional white or black color , other colors shell 

negotiable when large order .

2.Input voltage is 85-264V, easy to use, safe and suitable for any country. 

3.Supporting rope pendant. 

4.Built-in fan, can effectively reduce the heat problem when the product is working to ensure the normal use hours.

5.For a variety of plant growth, flowering, fruiting.

6.Products contain different light proportional programs,red light promotes flowering and fruiting , 

blue light promoteleaves grow

  customers can choose different lamp beads ratio according to different plants.

7.Safety, environmental, free of pollutants and harmful substances.

More Features

1.plant lights can replace 3-5 times the power of the high-pressure sodium lamp, saving 80% energy.

2.high-power LED as light source. Characterized high-performance and low-power. up to 50,000 hours.

4.Lights proportion specified by the customer, the proportion of our proposal is (red: blue) 8:1, 7:2 and 7:1:1, 

red yellow blue orange and white mixed light are available to plants . 

5.LED wavelength specified by the customer, we recommend customers to use 620-630nm and 640-660nm wavelength 

for red light,450-460nm and 460-470nm for blue. Red light promote plant germination, flowering, blue light promote 

plant growth, you can freely choose more suitable wavelength and color ratio to promote plant growth. 

6.Built-in cooling fan is a good solution to the heat problem. 

7.Built-in power supply with CE certification, no any other device configuration, simple and secure plug 

access to voltage AC85V ~ 264V directly, no reflector or ballast needed. 

8.Ideal for a variety of stages of plant growth, make indoor garden, hydroponics or soil plant breeding growth better. 

9.Light irradiation area , height and technical parameters of the lamp will be changed depends on the different species 

of the plant and the environment.

10.All materials of the product meet the environmental requirements, no contain any mercury or other harmful heavy metal. 

11.Colors and specifications can be customizable .

After application of test equipment, plant light wavelength is ideal for plant growth, flowering, fruiting. General indoor plants flowers, growing over time getting worse,

the main reason is the lack of light exposure, through the spectrum required for plant LED light, which not only promote their growth, but also to extend the flowering

period to improve the quality of flowers. And the application of this highly efficient light source system to the Green House and other facilities, and agricultural production,

 we can solve sunlight led to tomato, cucumber and other greenhouse vegetables taste defects decrease the other hand, can make early fruit vegetable greenhouses in

winter to the public around the Spring Festival, so as to achieve the purpose of-season cultivation.
    1, as a supplementary light, any time of day can enhance the light, you can extend the effective lighting hours.
    2, both in the evening or night, can effectively extend and control of plant science needed light.
    3 , plants in the greenhouse or laboratory, can completely replace the natural light, to promote plant growth.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is red light important for plants?
    Red light is very important to plant reproduction. Phytochrome pigments absorb the red and far red portions of 

     the light spectrum and regulate seed germination, root development, tuber and bulb formation, dormancy, flowering

     and fruit production.

  • Why is blue light important for plants?
    Blue light stimulates Chlorophyll production more than any other color, encouraging thick leaves, strong stems

     and compact vegetative growth.

  • What can I grow?
    You can grow any indoor plant with this Grow Fixture. LED grow lights are used to grow orchids, roses, peppers,

     tomatoes, basil, lettuce, herbs, kale, spinach, wheat grass, broccoli, wildflowers, cucumbers, and many other

     fruits and vegetables. They are also great for growing or perking up any houseplant. Grow Lights make excellent

     choices for cloning and seedling lights since they can be placed in tight spaces without worrying about heat

     build up. The lights would also be suitable for all stages of plant growth.

  • Who would use an LED Grow Light?
    LED Panel growing systems are used by home gardening enthusiasts, top florists, large nurseries, scientific researchers, universities. Even NASA uses LED grow light technology to grow plants in space!  

LED Grow lights are the most efficient units of plants growing lights. It can provide better results than Metal Halide

and HPS HID lights but saving 80% of energy. These work on soil or hydroponic methods of growing within any indoor environment.

No setup required, just plug and play. Saving your time and money. 

  • Application: 

Greenhouse lighting, Horticulture, Hydroponics, Flower and Bonsai lighting etc.


Hydroponic, gardening, Greenhouse Lighting, Seeding, Seedling, Breeding, Farm, Flower Exhibition, Garden, potted plants, etc.

1) Green House.
2) Seedlings and clones.
3) Primary plant lighting.
4) Supplemental plant lighting.
5) Common area planters - malls, lobbies, restaurants commercial buildings or anywhere that plants need more light.


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