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300W LED Grow Light 100X3W ,LED Aquarium Light


Product Features

Voltage: 90V-260V
Are lamps with light: with light
Power: 300W more
Source Type: LED

1 This plant lights are made ​​from metal casing shell optional white or black shell, other colors large negotiable.
2 Input voltage is 85-264V, easy to use, safe and suitable for any country.
3. Supporting rope pendant.
4 built-in fan, can effectively reduce the heat problem when the product is working to ensure the normal use of time.
5 for a variety of plant growth, flowering, fruiting.
6 products containing different proportions of programs to promote flowering red, blue promote long leaves, customers

can according to different plants using different lamp beads ratio.
7. Safety, environmental pollution and free of harmful substances.

More Features
1. plant lights can replace 3-5 times the power of the high-pressure sodium lamp, saving 80% energy.
2. high-power LED as the light source. Has a high-performance, low-power characteristics.
3. life up to 50,000 hours.
4. different light proportion between specified by the customer, we recommend that the ratio (red: blue). .. 8:1, 7:2 and 7:1:1,
 red yellow blue orange and white mixed light available to plants .
5. LED wavelengths specified by the customer, we recommend the use of 620-630nm wavelength red light and 640-660nm,
450-460nm blue wavelength using and 460-470nm. Red light promote plant germination, flowering, blue light promote plant
growth, you can choose more suitable wavelength and color ratio to promote plant growth.
6. built-in cooling fan is a good solution to the problem.
7. built-in power supply with CE certification, no other device configuration, simple and secure plug directly access AC85V ~ 264V
 voltage, no reflector and ballast.
8. Ideal for a variety of stages of plant growth, well with indoor garden, hydroponics or soil plant breeding work well.
9. light irradiation area and height will change accordingly depending on the plants and the environment, and the technical
parameters will change.
10. Product All materials meet the environmental requirements of the ring, do not contain mercury and other harmful heavy metals.
11. colors and specifications can be custom designed.

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  • Model: WJGL-ZWD100-3-S
  • Shipping Weight: 6300g
  • Manufactured by: Wayjun Technology