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Multifunction Mini Segment LED Display Tester Box Tool


Mini LED TESTER takes advanced recognition technology, with high accuracy AD conversion circuit.
They can detect a variety of LED modules automatically and quickly, and scan driver LED module with constant current.
This tester can replace more than 98% special tooling, and in many occasions, can even substitute for professional testing instrument.They are widely used in wire, foil, check the light leak, check the brightness of color uniformity inspection, can also be used to show customers economical and practical.
Product Feature
Intelligent automatic scanning, for any line LED modules within all 24PIN , LED display(VF <3.6V)
Automatic Identification and pin lines, without any set, a key is pressed that  the whole lights are bright
Supports three scanning methods (common cathode, anode, single-point),be used to check light leakage and short circuit
Constant current drive, brightness uniformity
Built-in lithium battery can work for 4-8 hours
Light and easy to carry, Portable.

LED Segment Displays and LED Dot Matrix test
LED chips Contrast brightness
LED chip aging test
LED modules film
LED wire test
LED Products
LED module light leak check, brightness, color uniformity check
IQC test, aging test

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  • Model: LED-TESTER-01
  • Shipping Weight: 360g
  • Manufactured by: LED