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270W LED Grow Light IR Hydroponic System Plant UFO 90*3W



Voltage: 90V-260V
Are lamps with light: with light
Power: 100W (included)-300W (not included)
Source Type: LED


After application of test equipment, plant light wavelength is ideal for plant growth, flowering, fruiting. General indoor plants flowers, growing over time getting worse, the main reason is the lack of light exposure, through the spectrum required for plant LED light, which not only promote their growth, but also to extend the flowering period to improve the quality of flowers. And the application of this highly efficient light source system to the Green House and other facilities, and agricultural production, we can solve sunlight led to tomato, cucumber and other greenhouse vegetables taste defects decrease the other hand, can make early fruit vegetable greenhouses in winter to the public around the Spring Festival, so as to achieve the purpose of-season cultivation.
1, as a supplementary light, any time of day can enhance the light, you can extend the effective lighting hours.
2, both in the evening or night, can effectively extend and control of plant science needed light.
3, plants in the greenhouse or laboratory, can completely replace the natural light, to promote plant growth

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  • Model: WJGL-270W
  • Shipping Weight: 2000g
  • Manufactured by: Wayjun Technology